This safety is used for “Three Gun Competition” and for tactical shotguns. Getting your weapon from safe to ready fire mode is critical and split seconds do count in many situations.

The safety engages and disengages with a positive click, so not only is there a more pronounced feel to the oversized safety you can also hear the safety engaging/disengaging.

Benelli Oversized Safety - Taran Tactical Innovations

Benelli Oversized Safety – Taran Tactical Innovations

Here is review of the Taran Tactical Innovations upgrades for a shotgun from one of the readers of the blog.

Because it is extended, you have more leverage and can operate the safety without repositioning your shooting finger, and can easily be operated using gloves. This part is designed for the user to install so no gunsmith is required.

• Fits Benelli M1, M2, M3, M4, Super Black Eagle, Montefeltro, and Remington Versa Max
• CNC machined out of billet stainless steel

This is another outstanding upgrade that serious shooters in particular competition shooters should consider as part of their ongoing upgrades or rebuild efforts. The oversized safety of course is ideal for any shooting situation and it is particularly ideal for new shooters.

Knowing by feel and even being able to hear the click makes any weapon safer. There should never be a question in any shooters’ mind about whether the safety is engaged or if the weapon is ready to fire. The oversized safety always puts safety first and helps makes sure that even new shooters pay attention.

Being oversized does not mean it interferes with your shooting finger once in position. It does however let you know the safety is there so as you get ready to fire you can operate the safety with your trigger finger as you ready to fire. This safety is different from the so-called mushroom or domed ones where the finger can slip off the safety if you are in a hurry.

The Benelli Oversized Safety by Taran Tactical Innovations is designed so your finger has plenty of area to push against and requires little effort to operate even under the most extreme situations.
This safety is designed not to get in the way or to be accidentally manipulated. However, it is every shooters responsibility to know what state their weapon is in at all times. There have been discussions in the past about oversized safeties catching on objects or disengaging when dropped but this again falls back on the shooter. The weapon whether in ready fire or not cannot fire unless the trigger is depressed by the shooter.

With an oversized safety, you always know at a glance or feel the state of your weapon. Factories model are considerably smaller and while some do have red indicators, indicating where the safety is at this still requires you to look. In a shooting position, you cannot move your head or weapon to look in many cases so knowing by feel is critical.

Being made out of stainless steel means you do not have to worry about corrosion and wear and tear is reduced giving you years if not the lifetime of the weapon usage.

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Benelli Oversized Safety - Taran Tactical Innovations

Benelli Oversized Safety – Taran Tactical Innovations

Benelli Oversized Safety on Brownells

Benelli Oversized Bolt Release

Benelli Oversized Bolt Release

Benelli Oversized Bolt Release

Description and Specifications

• Made big enough to release the bolt easily and quickly in the heat of battle or during competition
• However, it is not so big that it is a hindrance, it is designed not to catch on things if using it on a tactical shotgun in a defensive situation
• The oversized bolt release allows you to get back into action quicker
• Fits on Benelli and any other shotgun that has a similar bolt release button
• Made of aircraft grade aluminum with mil spec hard anodizing
• Drilling and tapping required
• The mounting screw is a 3.5 x .35 Metric with an OAL of 0.299″ (nominal)

Keep in mind you will need to modify your weapon when installing the Benelli Oversized Bolt Release. You will have to drill and then tap a hole to accept the mounting screw. This is not a complicated procedure and can usually be done quite easily in less than 30 minutes if you have the proper tools and some skill in this type of procedure. If you feel you cannot do this, seek the help of a qualified gunsmith so you do not cause damage to your weapon or to the part.

Shooters tend to get comfortable with their weapons and thus find it hard to upgrade thinking they can shoot and perform quite well, with how they have things set up. To advance from an adequate shooter to an advanced shooter you need to be open-minded and willing to try innovations such as the Benelli Oversized Bolt Release by Taran Tactical Innovations.

Shooters understand the need for components that work even when your mind is racing. You may be in the heat of battle or simply in competition and the need for speed is critical. This means you cannot take your eyes off the target, your hands and fingers must do all of the work while your mind and eyes stay engaged.

Factory weapons are good for the occasional shooter but once you get serious about shooting, and home defense you should always consider components that will make your shooting more consistent and improve the overall capabilities of your weapon.

Whether you have gloves on or not the oversized bolt release can be operated by feel. No more fumbling with your weapon so you can see what you are doing, now you can feel what you are doing without moving your muzzle off target. No one wants to shoot a weapon dry but if you do, you need to be able to recover quickly. Fast loading is one of the most critical aspects of shooting and many times separates good shooters from excellent shooters.

Oversized bolt release makes their weapon look tactical and does not protrude and catch on objects as some had suspected it would. The bolt release can be felt with gloves on, which makes it ideal for many shooters who routinely wear shooting gloves regardless of the weather.

The Benelli Oversized Bolt Release is ideal for home defense, tactical and hunting weapons and is particularly ideal for competition shooting.

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Benelli Oversized Bolt Release

Benelli Oversized Bolt Release

Benelli Oversized Bolt Release