I have tried many shooting glasses with lenses of different colors and with different frames. Simple and expensive, all of them had similar problems – you would feel pain after just several hours of wearing shooting glasses together with earmuffs. Earmuffs create pressure on ears which then press on glasses’ temple arms which press on head. And after a long day on the range you would feel pain in ears and head for several hours. I was wondering why any of the manufacturers have not solved this problem and was looking for something that will be more comfortable for a long time.

And finally ESS released new product – ESS Crossbow Suppressor frame. Review will describe unique features and why I was the only shooter in my team on World Shotgun Championship which did not complain about temple-ache after 5 days of shooting.

Ess Crossbow Suppressor Glasses

Ess Crossbow Suppressor Glasses

ESS Crossbow Suppressor ONE are shooting glasses I was waiting for a long time. The problem is obvious for any shooter which uses earmuffs and shooting glasses. I was even thinking about starting using earplugs (but they don’t offer the complete ear protection which earmuffs give).

ESS Crossbow Suppressor ONE kit was designed specially for use with earmuffs. Ultra-thin temple arms eliminate pressure points that normal shooting glasses have and you can wear them all day without any problems. The only small issue I found is that thin temple arms can be less comfortable for your ears because they cut into your ears (I am wearing Buff on the range, so this is not a problem for me). Also, included retaining strap is recommended to hold ESS Crossbow Suppressor glasses in place.

These shooting glasses are the best I have ever worn and are much more comfortable for long use, especially for competitions. I would buy ESS Crossbow Suppressor ONE glasses for this feature only but that’s not all.

ESS Crossbow Suppressor Hi-Def Copper lens

Hi-Def Copper lens offers military-standard protection for your eyes and also has many good features. First of all, now you don’t need clear and dark lenses, it will work all day, from dawn to dusk. Of course, it will not protect you from bright direct sun but it works good all day. I didn’t need to change the lense for all 5 days on the World Shotgun Championship and the weather conditions were different each day: from cloudy rainy day to a sunny day.

ESS ICE glasses had fogging issues but ESS Crossbow Suppressor Hi-Def Copper lens uses new technology which eliminates fog inside the lense and also protects lenses from scratches.

And the best thing is affordable price of the ESS Crossbow Suppressor ONE kit. This is the best kit for shooting range. You receive ESS Crossbow Suppressor frame and ESS Crossbow Suppressor Hi-Def Copper lens.

If you want glasses not for shooting range only then you can get normal ESS Crossbow glasses with Tri-Tech Fit™ frame.

Tri-Tech Fit™ frame

ESS Crossbow Glasses with Tri-Tech Fit™ Frame

ESS Crossbow Glasses with Tri-Tech Fit™ Frame

I also have dark glasses with normal Crossbow Tri-Tech Fit™ frame. They are very comfortable and are very good if you need to wear glasses without earmuffs. I really like their design. Very good for every day use. I usually have them in my car where they are very useful in sunny days.

Normal ESS Crossbow glasses are usually sold as kit with several additional lenses. But be careful because ESS Crossbow Suppressor frame kit and ESS Crossbow Suppressor Hi-Def Copper lens are sold separately.

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ESS Suppressor Shooting Glasses

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