UltimateGuns posted very nice pics of the home defense build on the Remington 870 Forum:

“Here’s an Ultimate 870HD build I did for a customer. It started life as an 870 Tactical, but I upgraded basically everything. I installed our Ultimate Reliability Kit, which includes the non-MIM extractor from the 870 Police model, the upgraded carrier dog spring, and a Vang Comp follower. I also added the 870P sear spring to reduce the chance of a negligent discharge. I added a Vang Comp Big Dome safety. Next, I polished the action bars and coated them with Cerakote’s MicroSlick, so it cycles like butter. I also added MicroSlick to the bolt. Next, I installed a Nordic Components magazine spring. I finished it in black Cerakote. I also installed a XS Big Dot tritium bead night sight, and a Mesa Tactical aluminum shell carrier. After the pics were taken, I added an Elzetta Alpha flashlight…315 lumens and only 3.4 ounces. Furniture is from Magpul. It came out pretty well.