A couple of words about my brand new Remington 870 Combo. As always, it comes in a simple carton box. The shotgun comes with the barrel removed. You will find two barrels inside: the 28-inch ventilated rib barrel with the modified choke installed and with bead sight, and the 20-inch barrel with rifle sight. There is also an instruction book, lock, magazine plug, and choke tube wrench.

The lock is a little different from the one which I got in 2008. Also, the new stock and forend are made of very nice wood. The laminate wood stock and forend on my first shotgun had a light brown color and looked cheaper. The current set has a dark brown color and looks and feels like real wood

The capacity of the shotgun is 5 rounds. You need to purchase the magazine extension separately to be able to load more rounds. But first, you need to remove the dimples inside of the magazine tube. I will have a long +8 rounds magazine extension for competitions and +3 magazine extension for home defense use with the short barrel.

I checked the barrel and all the external and internal surfaces of the shotgun and found no problems, scratches or rust. The barrels and chambers are smooth inside but I will polish the chamber to have a more reliable extraction of the fired shells.