Just returned from Hungary. I visit Central European Shotgun Open competition each year since the 2012. The shooting range where this competition is held is near Debrecen. It is fun to compete with shooters from all over the world. Shotgun shooters are very friendly and it is easy to make friends.

It was a pleasure to meet my friends from Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia.

This year I was 6th. Last year I was 11th, so I can see growth :) The competition was really long, 2 days, 30 stages (26 birdshot, 2 slug and 2 buckshot) with 350+ rounds. The experience I earned is priceless. All stages were extremely interesting.

Ukrainian team:

CESO 2016 - Brutal Edition (Central European Shotgun Open)

CESO 2016 – Brutal Edition (Central European Shotgun Open)