Zebra62 shared very important information about Remington 870 Magazine Spring on Remington 870 Forum:

“OK, so I called Remington this morning.

According to the rep I spoke with, the springs WILL lose tension if left compressed for an exteded period of time longer than three or four months. In my case it has only been two months. The rep seemed to be very knowledgable and experienced claiming to have been an armorer in the Army and running into this problem many times. I have no reason to doubt his claim. His recommendation was to load only four or five rounds into the magazine when stored to prevent excess compression of the spring. He also recommended to at least cycle all six rounds through the shotgun a couple times a month I can’t get out to the range and then leave the magazine empty for a day before reloading. He explained his typical fix when he was in the Army was to stretch the spring back out the way I did last Saturday.

I will take his advice and see how it goes a couple more months down the road.”

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