Vang Comp Systems Remington 870/1100/11-87 Big Speed Safety is a good product and I have heard positive feedback about it from many shooters. Due to many requests, I decided to make updated review.

There are two issues which can stop you from buying this safety button:
1. Sticks out too far.
3. Cannot be installed with Knoxx recoil reducing stocks.

Vang Oversized Safety

Vang Oversized Safety

Manufacture’s Specifications
• Steel blue
• Polished finish
• .960 Inches (24.4mm) long
• Head is .350 Inches tall (8.9mm) .433 inches (11mm) in diameter

The safety is large and dome shaped, making it so it can be quickly located. A quick push with the side of your trigger finger operates the safety. Because of its unique design, it will not snag on clothing, branches, or gun cases. It is a drop in installation, and currently only for right-hand use only.

The Big Speed Safety can be operated if you are wearing shooting gloves or gloves for cold weather. The factory safety is not one that can be easily operated or at all with gloves on. This could create a hazardous situation particularly with new shooters. The location combined with the size means that you do not have to move your head or fumble with your trigger finger to operate.

The standard safety on the Remington is difficult to operate under stress and cannot be operated with a straight finger whereas, the Big Speed Safety can be.

I would have liked a red line indicator for when the weapon is hot, but you can simply paint a red line on the Big Speed Safety for added safety. As you know, the safety must be on at all times until ready to fire and this product makes it easy to disengage while slipping your trigger finger in the finger guard.

Vang Comp Systems Remington 870/1100/11-87 Big Speed Safety is easy to install, pleasing to the eye, tough and provides an additional degree of safety.

The safety is ideal for home defense weapons because the safety can be easily operated under stress, no fumbling for the safety and wondering if the weapon is hot. Shooters that have never been in a tactical situation may have convinced themselves they would know when the time comes, but once engaged with another shooter things change quickly and wondering is not an option; you need to know. So once you have the Big Speed Safety installed you will always know.

The safety can be operated with the middle of your finger as the tip of the trigger finger slips over the trigger.

The only problem that you can feel the safety “bump” while their finger is on the trigger but this is a “very minor” inconvenience and does not take away from their shooting experience.

Transition from safety on to off can be completed as you slide your trigger finger inside the guard. This gives any shooter a tactical advantage, because home defense weapons are not typically in the hot or ready to fire position. You as a homeowner need every advantage possible in a home defense situation.

It is good safet which is used by many Remington 870 owners.