I had to use a pliers to remove forend. This is not the most convenient instrument for this purpose but all other Remington 870 forend wrenches and forend removal tools were too expensive.

Remington 870 Forend Removal Tool
Remington 870 Forend Removal Tool

But now I have simple and inexpensive (just $10.99) Remington 870 & Mossberg Stainless Steel Forend Tool from S&J Hardware.

This tool is very easy to use and will save you time and will not scractch forend assembly and forend nut. It will be useful when you decide to change your forend or just to tighten forend nut when it gets loose.

Another problem this forend removal tool solves is the removal of overtightened nuts, for example, on wooden forends. It is very difficult to remove such nut and not to destroy the forend or nut itself. But this tool will help you in such case.

Once you get it you will be able to help all your friends which own Remington 870 or Mossberg shotguns. This tool is simple but very handy!

More information: Remington 870 & Mossberg Stainless Steel Forend Tool

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  1. I could have used that when installing my new forend. The pliers worked but it took both my brother and I to loosen the nut.


  2. yep very simple tool and will last a life time, can be used on mossberg shotguns as well.
    we put the hole in it so you can put a bar in is and turn it in case your forend nut is stiff.

  3. A simple inexpensive tool that even I have no problem with. Works as well or better than wrenches costing 5X the price.

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