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Shotgun Shooting Tips

05 July 20116 comments Advice

Shotgun Shooting Tips

Here are some tips which will help you in shotgun shooting:

  • Proper shooting stance. It is very important to train a proper shooting stance. Train it everyday when dry fire, this builds your muscle memory. Believe me, dry firing will improve your results dramatically.
    Shotgun Shooting Stance

    Shotgun Shooting Stance

  • Control your breath when shooting slugs. It is not that important when you shoot birdshots or buckshots.
  • Control your trigger finger. This is important when shooting slugs. Pull the trigger smoothly.
  • Don’t anticipate a recoil. This is very easy to test, ask your friend to load your shotgun with several rounds, one of them will be a dummy shell. If you are anticipating recoil you will notice how you push a shotgun forward when pulling the trigger and think that it is going to fire.
  • Keep both eyes open. This is very important. Using both eyes when aiming will give you better depth perception and a peripheral vision. This is very good habit for defensive shooting.
  • Choose a stock of a proper length.
  • Test the ammunition and find that one which works best with your shotgun.

Can you add any other shotgun shooting tips?

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  1. Oodin July 5, 2011

    Could you break down the important elements in the stance that’s pictured. Are there any elements that are changed depending situation: defensive versus gaming (competition)?



  2. admin July 7, 2011


    I will write a new post with detailed description of a shooting stance. I have learned many things from several instructors and will be happy to share everything I know.

    Kind regards,

  3. Oodin July 7, 2011

    Looking forward to it.


  4. John July 23, 2011

    Very good advice. Do you use dummy shells when you dry fire? some people claim the firing pin may break if you don’t use those?


    • admin August 4, 2011

      John, I agree with Oodin. I think it is difficult to break the firing pin due to dry fire. Remington 870 firing pin has a spring which protects it from that.


  5. Oodin July 25, 2011

    I’ve never heard of someone breaking a firing pin on a modern center fire gun due to dry fire. It’s not something I worry about, except maybe with rimfires. One good use for dummy rounds for shotgun training is loading drills, since ammo capacity and reload speed are the weaknesses of most shotguns.


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