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Original Remington 870 +2 Round Magazine Extension

07 September 20094 comments Upgrades

Remington 2-Round Magazine Extension

Remington 2-Round Magazine Extension

Little overview of the +2 shot Remington 870 Magazine extension by Remington. This extension is the most expensive one. There are +2 rounds and +3 rounds versions of this extension. It is little longer than the other ones because it allows you to install a bayonet. It is made of metal and looks very durable and reliable.

By the way, you simply can’t install the magazine clamp in a wrong place because extension tube has special relief with hollow for the screw. It will prevent it from moving and allows more reliable holding of the magazine extension tube.

So what do you get when you order Remington Magazine Extension:
Remington Extension
Longer Magazine Spring
Barrel Clamp with Screw

How it looks on your shotgun with 20 inch barrel:

Remington 870 Magazine Extension

Remington 870 Magazine Extension

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  1. Jason Rogers September 15, 2009

    Looking for a +2 shot Remington 870 Magazine extension by Remington. Do you have one for sale and if so how much?


  2. admin September 16, 2009

    Jason, thanks for your comment and question. Sorry, I do not have one for sale. I plan to have a list of recommended websites where you can buy Remington 870 upgrades soon.

  3. jesse November 21, 2009

    do you have a +2 magazine extension tube to fit the remington spartan SPR453

  4. Mark October 16, 2010

    The factory extension and spring works great but may not work with aftermarket followers, like the S&J. I had to stick with the factory follower in mine.


  1. Removing Dimples on Remington 870 Magazine Tube |

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