This list isn’t complete, there are many other skills and metrics which can be added to it.

ATTENTION: Do dry fire drills only dith dummy rounds. Never use live rounds in training at home. This is very dangerous.

What can you do at range? You may shoot at targets without any plan but there are some skills that you can measure especially if you have shooting timer.

Shotgun Training Photos

Shotgun Training Photos

1. Time of the first shot from different shooting ready positions. Hold shotgun in low ready, high ready or other positions. Try to make first shot from unloaded shotgun or shotgun with epmty chamber. It is extremely important to be able to make first shot fast and accurately.

2. Tactical reload time. Tactical reload is usually done using the cover and when you have round in a chamber. You load rounds into a magazine tube. Try reloading on the move, kneeling. Try not looking on a shotgun when you make reloads, look at the targets. Measure time you need to load rounds into a magazine tube,

Remember that empty shotgun is as useful as a piece of metal.

3. Time of the two fast shots. How fast can you make to accurate shots? Especially with your pump shotgun?

4. Running from one position into another. How fast can you move to a position, shoulder a shotgun, aim and make a shot?

5. Time of transition from one position into another. How fast can you go from standing into a kneeling? From standing into a prone? From kneeling into an urban prone?

6. Time of the transition from closer target to a further target from target on the far left to target on the far right.

7. Movements, run and gun and other drills.

8. Shoot at targets with “hostages”. It is important to train fast and accurate shots.

9. Rapid shooting. Try shooting at groups of targets.

10. Emergency reload is when your shotgun is completely empty and you need to load a round into a chamber first. Measure time you need to load a round into a chamber and make a shot.