Everyone has heard of handgun silencers. If you’ve ever seen a movie about the Mafia or a classic James Bond movie then you are probably familiar with what they are. The very first silencer was actually made over a hundred years ago. The basic function of a silencer is to suppress the loud sound that a firearm makes after you shoot it. Even though it is called a silencer, it is not completely silent when you shoot a weapon with a silencer on it. That is why silencers are really sound suppressors for firearms.

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Silencerco Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor

Silencerco Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor

Up until a few years ago, there was never a silencer made for a shotgun. Since shotguns are louder and more powerful, it didn’t seem like a silencer could ever be made for it. This all changed in 2014 when a company named “SilencerCo” introduced the very first shotgun silencer to the consumer marketplace called the “Salvo 12.” This is the first commercial shotgun silencer that was built through advancements gun technology and engineering. The great thing about the Salvo 12 is that it has been crafted to work with almost all types of shotguns and ammunition. It will even work with pump action shotguns and semi automatic shotguns as well. The reason why this silencer works with various models is because of its modularity. That’s right you can actually modify sections of the silencer to balance the amount of suppressed sound and to adjust to the right length and weight of your shotgun. There are choke mounts available as well to help you do this.

Since the Salvo 12 can adapt to virtually any shotgun, it is the perfect silencer for hunting, self defense or target shooting. The total length of the Salvo 12 is 12 inches. As for its sound suppression ability, sound from the shotgun can be reduced to 136.8 dB. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the threshold for safe hearing is 140 dB. Anything higher than that is considered to be dangerous for people’s ear drums. So this silencer brings the sound of shotgun blasts just below the safety threshold. On top of all this, you may also notice a reduction in the recoil that you feel after you shoot the shotgun with the Salvo 12 on the muzzle. Therefore, shotgun silencers are definitely something to try out because they definitely make the experience of shooting a shotgun more pleasant.

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