The Remington 870 Wingmaster is a reliable and very smooth pump-action shotgun. It is mostly used by hunters or survivalists who spend lots of time in the woods. If you spot a deer in the distance and you want to take it out with one clean shot, then a Wingmaster will be the perfect weapon to make that happen. Wingmaster has been around for 60 years now and has become the official standard in which all other pump-action shotguns are measured. Its receiver is machine made from a solid steel billet which gives the shotgun great strength and durability. The design itself has stayed true to the original wooden design that was first used 60 years ago. However, the functionality of the weapon has enhanced greatly over those decades. The pump glides on two action bars to give it a smooth ejection and chambering experience. This makes it easier for novices who are just learning how to shoot. The Wingmaster simply provides the smoothest pump out of any other pump action shotgun found on the market.

Remington 870 Wingmaster

Remington 870 Wingmaster

The Remington 870 model is adored by outdoorsmen and gun enthusiasts the most when it comes to pump action shotguns. It is the most trusted and best selling model of Remington because of its natural pointing ability and flawless balance. The reputation of the Wingmaster has actually turned it into an American icon. If you ask any hunter about the best shotgun for regular hunting, they will most likely recommend the Wingmaster. This is because it is a very easy shotgun to manage and operate. Not only that, but it is extremely versatile with its array of choke and barrel options. Plus if you like the classic brown wooden look for your shotguns, then the Wingmaster will make you feel like a traditional outdoor sportsman. The exterior is assembled with walnut woodwork in order to maintain the traditional look while ensuring great durability in the process.

The Remington 870 Wingmaster is the perfect weapon for casual hunters who just want to relax and take their time while they shoot their prey. This weapon can be considered for self defense purposes because the pump action can be as fast as other Remington semi-auto shotgun models on the market. For this kind of weapon, you can also try looking into the Tactical model. Also, if you want to have a shotgun for purely sportsmanship, then Wingmaster is the best gun to add to your collection. If you find Remington 870 Wingmaster for sale at good price – go for it!

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