The LEE Load All 2 Reloading Press will load your shotgun shells so that they look and feel new when you use them. There is no sense in purchasing factory made shotgun shells for a lot of money when you can just purchase a LEE Load All 2 and turn your home into a shell factory. Then you will be able to reload shotgun shells with this press machine just like factory workers do with their press machines. Loading your own shells is very cost effective and convenient for anyone who shoots shotguns frequently.

Lee Load All Shotgun Press

Lee Load All Shotgun Press

The LEE Load All 2 can reload up to 100 shells every 60 minutes. The shot hopper of the press can hold five pounds of pellets, which is what goes into the shells. These five pounds are enough to load more than 125 shells before you have to load up the hopper again with more pellets.

So if you are a hunter or someone who shoots frequently then this machine will produce roads fast enough to accommodate your needs.

Perhaps one of the most notable features of this machine is its gauge conversion support. If you have multiple shotgun gauges that require different size shells, you would normally have to go out and buy separate presses for each gauge that you need to reload. Fortunately, the LEE Load All 2’s gauge conversion feature is compatible with conversion kits for 12 gauge, 16 gauge and 20 gauge shells. In fact, the shell can be adjusted from 2 ¾ inches to 3 inches. However, as of right now the company does not have a LEE Load All 2 that supports 10 gauge or 28 gauge shotgun shells.

LEE is a brand name that is known in the shotgun reloading world. The shells they produce will have more pattern and velocity to them than what other presses can produce. The LEE Load All 2 costs about $70, so it is one of the most affordable presses. But remember, you are paying for a top quality brand that can produce even better quality rounds of ammunition. In the long run you will be saving money while having a better experience with your shotgun.

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