Seventy percent of men that are right handed are dominant in their right eye and the same applies to left-handed men. Thirty percent of men are what is called cross dominant, in other words they are right/left handed but are dominant in the opposite eye. Those that have a dominant eye that correspond with their handedness benefit from shooting with both eyes open. If you shoot right-handed but have a left, dominant eye you will have some trouble with accuracy and up until this point may not have realized why.

Shooter with Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Shooter with Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Although rare, in men it may be that neither eye is the dominant one and this is called central vision. Women and young boys will usually not have one eye dominant over the other. This is why women find it more difficult to shoot with both eyes open and if right handed they can benefit from blocking the left eye and the reverse is true if they are left-handed.

If a shooter is not dominant in either eye, then changing from left to right shoulder will not correct the problem. However, you must first determine if this is the problem. Shoot from the left shoulder if left-handed and from the right if you are right-handed and try to block the opposite eye with modified shooting glasses.

Women and men can improve their shooting by blocking one eye if neither eye is the dominant one.
Humans have two eyes and the effect of having two eyes is called “binocular disparity”. One eye usually directs the pointing process, and the other eye (non-dominant) may see a blurred (double vision) image several inches off to the side. The mind typically blanks the so-called ghost image out.

Your dominant eye can change; it can be affected by stress, health problems or from simple eyestrain. Focusing on the front sight and the weapon’s muzzle instead of the target can also change your sight.

One of the simplest ways to determine eye dominance is to point at an object with both eyes open. Close one eye and if your finger is centered on the object then the open eye is dominant. Close the dominant eye and then your finger should appear off to the side. You can also make a circle with your thumb and forefinger and with both eyes open center the circle over a distance object. The eye that sees the image inside the circle when the other eye is closed is the dominant eye.