Instead of taking your shotgun to a gunsmith to have sights or mounting brackets retro fitted, you can now install the Weaver No-Gunsmith Shotgun Mount yourself and add or remove the attachments as needed. The mount mounts easily if you follow the instruction carefully. The mount comes with Allen wrenches, washers, mounting screws and setscrew.

Weaver No-Gunsmith Shotgun Mount Remington 870, 1100 and 1187 (12-20ga)

Weaver No-Gunsmith Shotgun Mount Remington 870, 1100 and 1187 (12-20ga)

My friend purchased this mount with the intention of adding a red dot scope. The scope fits snug as well as the mount even after repeated firings. The mount stays tight and does not seem to be affected by the recoil. Receiver pins are replaced by the mounting screws included.

Manufacturers Specifications:
• No “Gunsmithing” Mount
• Has multiple slots allowing the user to mount various optics, scopes, lasers and red dots while provide optimum eye relief
• Is form fitting so you do not have to change your shooting style or position
• The Converta Mount is made of rugged polymer composite material suitable for extreme weather conditions and temperature ranges

The mount is designed in such a way so that when it is mounted and you have installed a scope, red dot or otherwise, the view is natural and you do not have to “find another cheek weld position.” Shooters that have been using iron sights and the front bead may be hesitant to change the angle of their view as they look down the barrel, and the so-called after market attachments in some shooters mind’s will do just that. The Weaver No-Gunsmith Shotgun Mount once mounted however will enhance the shooters vision once a red dot for example is mounted. The eyestrain is reduced caused by trying to focus on the target and still trying to keep the front bead in line with the target.

No-Gunsmith Shotgun Mount is durable, lightweight and snug fit. It takes less than three minutes to install the mount. The design and color fits cosmetically with a weapon and actually enhances the looks. Some have concerns about stripping out the nuts that are used to replace the pressed pins on the shotgun. You should tighten the screws down snug, and make sure they have been started correctly so there is no chance of cross threading.

Place the mount over the pins you are replacing before removing any pins to make sure the holes line up. One user stated that they removed the pins first and the trigger itself shifted out of alignment. Remove the pins one at a time and replace with the mounting screws only of the mount holes match up correctly.

Because the mounting rail is polymer composite, there is no metal-to-metal contact and less chance of scratching the shotgun’s finish. Additionally, the mount will not rust, which could cause further damage to the shotgun’s finish. The mount according to the manufacturer is operational between -40F and 150F. Some composite materials can become brittle at very cold temperature and may soften somewhat when exposed to high heat.