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Remington Serial Number Lookup (Barrel Code Automatic Checker)

09 March 201214 comments News

Remington Serial Number Lookup (Barrel Code Automatic Checker)

Dear readers of the blog, I have a surprise for you. Now you can find out the month/year when you Remington shotgun/rifle was manufactured using: Remington Serial Number Lookup

It works automatically, so now you don’t need to do the serial number lookup manually.

Please use Remington Serial Number Lookup and let me know results. Please send me a message/leave a comment with results or errors.

Best Upgrades for Remington 870

Best Upgrades for Remington 870

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  1. Theodore March 9, 2012

    Very nice Vitaly. I just found out the Gun I purchased in Greece “new” in Sept 2009 was produced in Mar 2007 – 2.5 yrs before.

  2. E. March 12, 2012

    I purchased my 870 new in 1973 or possibly ’74, a Wingmaster 870 with factory 18.25″ barrel, at a J.C. Pennys. Its serial number is SxxxxxxV. I entered sv for the two letters and it told me that the gun was made in 2001 or 1979, which I know is incorrect. Are the letters on newer models consecutive? Am I just too old?
    The gun, which I had Parkerized in the mid 80’s, with a Choate pistol grip full stock, Choate extended magazine and a Pachmayr fore end installed at the same time, has probably only been fired 25 times, never in anger. However, it has provided peace of mind many times over that period.

  3. Frank Merritt March 21, 2012

    Purchased a 12 Gauge Remington Pump approx 1983 from Sears in Winston Salem, NC. Someone has stolen it and I know who did, but can’t get local Law Enforcement to look into it as I don’t have the Serial Number. Anyone know how I can research information, using my Name to retrieve the Serial Number?

  4. Hank April 3, 2012

    I have a Police Magnum (purchased in ’98), there are no discernible letters on the left side of my barrel. Maybe they were stamped on very faintly and the parkerization filled them in. There is a number with a letter M after it on the receiver.

  5. Rick G April 6, 2012

    I’ve got a crazy question. I just bought a used 870 express tactical, model 81198. From what I can tell from online research, this model was first produced around 2009/2010. The serial # on my gun starts with RS, which would indicate it was born in 1998. What can you tell me to clear up this mystery? Thanks and safe shooting!!

  6. rick April 7, 2012

    Responding to my post above – have since learned that the month/year code is on the barrel, but mine still appears to be AL, indicating a year way before I think these first came out. Maybe someone switched the barrels?

  7. Bob September 25, 2012

    My 870 has a sn on the left side of the receiver is 209938v. There is also an engraved BDL next to the Model 870 on the same side, the barrel is a replacement. When was it mfg?

  8. don December 10, 2012

    what does the letter after serial no. stand for. ps. mine is V .

    • Sean December 31, 2012

      The v stands for that it is a 20 gauge 2 3/4 shells

  9. Josh May 20, 2014

    Hi. My 870 express super magnum barrel has RR and the receiver serial number is B877693M. What year would you say it was manufactured? The tool Tells me 1997, 1968 or 1924 I think

  10. mark December 11, 2014

    Hi, i have a Remington Magnum Wingmaster model 870that has a double stamped barrel making it difficult to read. The numbers on the receiver are 358675m.any ideas on its year of make

  11. RON January 12, 2016

    hI MY REMINGTON 870 EXPRESS LIK SO MADE IN February 1976 or 1988
    what is the K for? serial number W720655M

    Thanks Ron


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