Charlemagne asked several questions about my AK, so I decided to make a post. Hope it will be interesting for readers of the blog.

AKM (AK-47 Modification) with AFG and Upgraded Safety
AKM (AK-47 Modification) with AFG and Upgraded Safety

AKM is a very reliable weapon. It can be accurate if shooter has good skills. For example, I remember one training when we had a target at a distance of about 100 meters (about 110 yards). There were 3 shooters, two with AR-15s and one with G36 rifle. All of them had Aimpoint holographic sights (one of them had magnifier installed) and different tactical accessories installed. All of them couldn’t hit the target from the first try, it usually took 3-5 shots to hit it. I have hit the target from the first try using iron sights. Experience is better than cool and expensive sights. That is why I always recommend to spend money on ammunition not on electronic sights.

One of the interesting upgrades installed on my AKM (AK-47) was enhanced safety which enables shooter to disengage it using just one finger. But after numerous problems I have removed it. Enhanced safety is not as reliable as the standard one. During the 2-day Rifle Match I had numerous problems with it.

AFG is very comfortable for me but some shooters hate it. I have installed AFG on TAPCO Handguard. TAPCO offers very good and inexpensive set for AK-47:

TAPCO Set for AK-47
TAPCO Set for AK-47

It has 4 rails and sliding panel which conceals the bottom rail when it’s not in use to protect the hand. Also, TAPCO handguard has internal aluminum shield which protects hands from barrel heat.

Usually, I have AFG (Magpul Angled Foregrip) installed but at the moment my AK looks like this:

AKM (AK-47) Assault Rifle
AKM (AK-47) Assault Rifle

I have a Soviet era AKM (AK-47 Modification) made in 1966:

AK made in 1966
AK made in 1966

It has stamped receiver and converted from full-auto to semi-auto for use by civilians. I don’t think that it was used much because all inner parts were like new when I bought it.

There are many upgrades available for AK-47. I decided to fix the two main problems of all AKs: short stock and uncomfortable grip. After lots of research I decided to install MAGPUL stock and Hogue AK-47 grip.

It was really easy to install Hogue grip, there is one bolt which holds it in place. Hogue grip is one of the best aftermarket grips for AK-47, it has very good coating and it is comfortable to hold it even during the cold weather.

Hogue AK-47 Grip
Hogue AK-47 Grip

The best stock I could find was Magpul Stock. VLTOR adaptor enabled me to install this stock on my AK:

Magpul Stock with VLTOR Adaptor
Magpul Stock with VLTOR Adaptor
Magpul MOE Stock
Magpul MOE Stock
Get Magpul MOE Stock here:

Additional accessories for the Magpul stock are: cheek riser and enhanced recoil pad.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Primary Weapons Systems AK PWS FSC47 Muzzle Brake Tactical Compensator but didn’t have a chance to test it. It is difficult to get this muzzle brake because it is restricted for shipping outside the USA. That is why I have bought AK-74/AK-103 style muzzle brake, it works really good. By the way, don’t buy the aftermarket AK-74/AK-103 style muzzle brakes because they look the same but has different construction.

My muzzle brake came together with adaptor which enabled me to install it on my AKM:

AK Muzzle Brake
AK Muzzle Brake

Hope you enjoyed this review of the AKM (AK-47) and different accessories/upgrades.

Do you have AK? What upgrades do you have installed?

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  1. Charlemagne

    Thanks for this post about your AKM. It sounds as if you have done put the same kind of careful thought and analysis into your AKM that you have put into your 870! Your philosophy of fitting the gun to yourself and spending a lot of time practicing sounds like a good one (I know I need to start doing a lot of shooting myself). Too many people overemphasize the importance of the machine and underemphasize their own importance in the man machine interface (I have seen the same phenomenon with cars and motorcycles). They think that it is more important to have the latest most advanced piece of equipment than for they themselves to learn to use what they have.
    What does the writing on the side of you rear sight block say? I am guessing it says something about the conversion to semi auto and who did it. Is your AK74/AK103 muzzle brake an original factory muzzle brake? It seems strange that there are restrictions on exporting the Primary Weapons Systems AK PWS FSC47 Muzzle Brake Tactical Compensator outside the US! Is this Amazon’s policy or what? Selling a commercially available muzzle device to a shooting enthusiast in Ukraine is not exactly the same thing as selling Predator Drones to terrorists in the tribal areas of Pakistan!

    1. Thank you, Charlemagne! You are absolutely right, that is exactly what I was trying to say.

      Yes, the writing on the side was added by a company which converted AKM to semi-auto. AK74/AK103 muzzle brake is an aftermarket one but it is an exact copy of the “zigzag” muzzle brake. As you know, there were several AK74/AK103 muzzle brake models and “zigzag” was the most effective one.

      I was surprised too but Brownells sent me a message that I can’t buy PWS FSC47 Muzzle Brake due to the “DDTC RESTRICTIONS”.

  2. Charlemagne

    There are a lot of phenomenally stupid laws and regulations involving firearms and if the truth be known they have rarely if ever stopped a determined terrorist or criminal! I had hoped to help you in your purchase of the PWS muzzle brake. Primary Weapons Systems is located in Boise, Idaho, my original home town. I thought if it was just the case of an overly cautious seller; I could just pick up a compensator the next time I was in Boise and mail it to you in Kiev. I called PWS and told them about your problem. .
    It turns out that it’s a US State Department regulation ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations). The guy at PWS said that they were very frustrated at not being able to ship parts and accessories to foreign customers. He also said that whenever they tried to get some guidance from the State Department they were told “We can’t give out legal advice”!
    In the US we have not been able to import military style semi-auto AKs since 1989. It is legal however to “build” semi auto AKs in the US. This is done in one of two ways. European (Romanian, Bulgarian or Russian) AKs are redesigned as “sporters” which are then sent into the US where they are converted back to military configuration. The second approach is to cut up military AKs into “parts kits” which are brought into the country where they are put back together as complete semi auto AKs with new US made receivers and other American made parts.
    Of course domestically made semi –auto carbines have been available for decades. Winchester made a small semi auto carbine, the Model 1907 from 1906 to 1958. The M1 Carbine has been available to civilians since the end of World War II. The AR 15 was first introduced in the 1960s and the Ruger Mini 14 was first introduced in the 1970s. So it made absolutely no sense at all to ever ban the import of complete semi-auto AKs It made even less sense to do so after it became clear that the guns could be re-assembled or re-converted here using a few US made parts!

    1. Charlemagne, it’s a pity that it cannot be officially bought and shipped to Ukraine. I know that some people have them here and it is possible to do this but I wanted to buy PWS muzzle brake officially as I buy stocks, forends, and parts for my Remington 870.

      There is no problem buying an imported firearm here. But we have even more stupid laws about pistols. You can’t buy any pistol, they are prohibited. You can get AR15, AK, G36, 50 BMG sniper rifle, night vision, silencers, holographic/laser sights but pistols are completely prohibited.

  3. Hello,

    Was the upgraded safety a Krebs Custom? I’ve been considering purchasing one for my AK, but you seemed to have had trouble with yours, and no one enjoys throwing away money…

    Thanks for all the great articles, keep up the good work!

    1. No, I’ve heard only good feedback about Krebs Custom. Mine was from local manufacturer. The idea of such safety is great, but it is important to find the high-quality upgrade.

      Thanks and Happy New Year!

      1. Thank you for the prompt response! I have one more question for you sir: I’ve read complaints about the top rail on the Tapco hand guard blocking the front sight. Have you utilized the top rail on your AK, and if so, have you had any issues? Thanks again.

        1. H.K., you are right, top rail is blocking the front sight, I have removed it. Also, don’t think that plastic rail will be good for putting a red dot as some say.

  4. Nice blog on the AK! Love the magpul stock on yours…now seeing yours I want one on mine!

    I have a Aresenal Arms, Bolt hold open saftey mod (a must have), a G2 trigger single stage (again very needed), threaded barrel with Birdcage Hider, Texas Arms Beryl Mount, Tapco Front rails, Ati telescopic stock with folding mechanism, and tapco grips. Swing weight is perfect and definitely way better then my ar-15!

    1. Thanks, Josh! Magpul stock is really good addition to AK! Finally, I am able to adjust length of pull.

      Do you have photos of your AK? I would love to see them!

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