When you want to replace the safety button of your Remington 870 you will want to install an oversized safety button. This will allow you to disengage the button more easily, especially if you are wearing gloves or are in a stressful situation where you may lack focus and concentration.

For example, if you use your Remington 870 for home protection then you may not be used to the feeling of having to ward off an intruder with your shotgun. Instead, you are likely only used to hunting with your shotgun or using it for target shooting. But when it comes to defending yourself against a real threat, your heart will be beating fast and you’ll feel an adrenaline rush throughout your entire body. In this state, you will likely forget about the safety or panic when you realize the safety is still on. If you have a standard safety button that is small and tough to disengage then you may not be able to disengage it before the threat comes after you. By replacing the standard button with a bigger button, it will ensure this doesn’t happen.

To change the safety button, you need to first disassemble your Remington 870 shotgun and remove the Trigger Plate Assembly. Next, you need to push out the safety pin from the safety switch. You will need a pin pushing tool or something 1/16 inch wide to push the pin out. Make sure you place your finger on the detent channel before pushing the pin out because the spring inside the hole is under pressure and will jump out quickly if your finger is not there. Since the spring is so small, you will likely never be able to find it again once it jumps out.

Once you have the safety switch retaining pin out, gently let the safety detent spring and ball fall out of the detent channel. Now you can just remove the safety button that is currently there and then install the new safety button. This should be installed from the right side. Next, you need to reinstall the detent ball of the safety followed by the safety switch spring. Put the safety switch pin back in with the pointed end going inside. The safety detent spring now gets depressed into the safety detent channel with the retaining pin being inserted on the end. Now just test the new safety button you installed and then reinstall the Trigger Group Assembly.

Remington 870 Oversized Safety Button Installation Video:

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