If you are looking for a rifle with autoloading rimfire features, then you’ll definitely love shooting the Remington 597 rifle. This weapon is coined as being one of the most advanced rifles for autoloading rimfire that has ever been built. One of its biggest differences between other autoloading rimfire rifles is its bolt-guidance system which has two steel guide rails that give it enhanced stability. Not only that, but the rails make the weapon more accurate and reliable for the shooter as well. This makes the weapon suitable for virtually all kinds of shooting activities such as target shooting, hunting, and war situations. You may not hear too much about this weapon because a lot of novice shooters aren’t aware it exists. Remington does a good job of advertising their Model 700 rifles a lot more than their Model 597. But if you are not so comfortable with the Model 700, try out the Model 597 before you quit the Remington brand all together.