It is very convenient to buy Remington 870 parts online. You can easily compare prices, see photos, read reviews and find the items in stock. Online shops usually offer much lower prices. The only reason to visit shop is to see and try different upgrades like slings, stocks, forends, sights or optics. But you also can try them in a gun shop but then order cheaper online.

Remington 870 Repair Kit

Remington 870 Repair Kit

Directly from Remington

So, the first place where you can buy Remington parts is ShopRemingtonCountry website: Remington. They have a lot of items in stock: barrels, chokes, stocks, forends, ejectors, extractors, receiver and action parts, trigger group parts, optics, slings and many other things.

Brownells – huge selection and good prices

Next website is my favourite one because it has International shipping. I but everything I need for my Remington 870 on Brownells.

It has huge selection of upgrades, parts, accessories and gunsmithing tools for Remington and other firearms. They often have good deals and discounts on firearms accessories.

Amazon – good prices but limited selection

Amazon is a very good site to search for discounts and deals. They don’t have parts but they have some very good accessories and very nice prices.

Sometimes you can find the best deal on Amazon.

Cabela’s – another good internet shop for firearms accessories

Cabela’s is a good shop with good prices but selection isn’t as good as on Brownells. But you can check it for good deals and discounts.

Please leave a comment if you have experience with other online shops.