Anything mechanical will break down at some point and it is usually at the worst of times. Your weeklong hunting trip can be ruined the first day if you do not have the extra parts needed and a few basic tools to make field repairs to your shotgun.

Remington 870 Repair Kit

Remington 870 Repair Kit

Anything on your shotgun can be replaced but like a motor vehicle it may get to the point where buying a new one makes more economical sense. However, springs and firing pins can be changed out in a matter of minutes as well as the barrel, and the parts and tools are easily carried wherever you travel with your shotgun.

Remington 870 Field Repair Kit:
Remington 870 Repair Kit

Remington 870 Repair Kit

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A Remington 870 filed repair kit containing a firing pin, firing pin spring, retaining pin, an extractor for a 12,16 and 20 gauge , a plunger, spring for the extractor, spring retainer for a magazine in the old style and one in the new style along with front and rear triggers detent springs.

You should also carry an extra forend; they are relatively inexpensive and can be easily changed out by typically removing the barrel. You will need a flat tipped screwdriver to remove the barrel and there is a special tool for removing the forend on a Remington 870 but you can use pliers to unscrew the cap to remove it from the slide tube.

Examine your particular weapon to make sure the forend is not riveted to the slide tube, which means it is a one-piece and you would have to purchase an after market slide tube to attach a new forend. Carry an extra bolt as well, and practice changing it out in the field.

Some of you may have several barrels one smooth bore and one rifled; the rifled barrels use particular ammunition and most experts will tell you that firing steel shot and even lead shot through the barrel will wear the rifling off. Have a smoothbore barrel as a back up because they can fire any type ammunition. If you ruin your rifled barrel because of overheating or some other mishap with the weapon, you must be able to change out the barrel. If you find yourself with only steel shot, you would also want to change out the barrel for a smoothbore.

Some of you may not consider a sling as a spare part but a sling is vital in some situations, and you should always have a backup one. Some may not use a sling when hunting or in a tactical situation but you should have one available. You must be able to sling the weapon if you use a tree stand or have to get into a tree for any reason or you must climb a hillside. There will be times when you cannot set your weapon down and yet you still need two hands so a sling is a vital spare part.

You can purchase drop in trigger kits that can be replaced in the field.

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Basic Tools

Carry a small ball peen hammer and small nylon and/or brass hammer. Carry a gunsmith screwdriver set, precision punch set in steel, brass and nylon, needle nose pliers and regular pliers.