Need help on +3 Shot extension Remington, Nordic, or Lancer?

Discuss all accessories and upgrades available for the Remington 870 shotgun: stocks, forends, barrels, chokes, magazine extensions, followers, safeties, sights etc.
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Need help on +3 Shot extension Remington, Nordic, or Lancer?

Post by tackdriver8 » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:39 am

Hey Guys,

I need a little info to make the best purchase. This 870 20" police model will be for HD only, I just need a bit of opinions and experience for which +3 extension to buy. I know Remington and Nordic make 3 shot extensions, but how do they compare to one another (functionally/quality/pics too)? Also, does anyone know about Lancer carbon fiber extensions and the spring they use? Any other better choices?

Btw: Does anyone have Williams Gun Sight Ghost Ring Firesight Set on their rifle sight barrel? If so, how are they?


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Re: Need help on +3 Shot extension Remington, Nordic, or Lan

Post by BlueSmoke » Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:27 am

S&J Hardware also makes a great 3 shot extension.

It can be seen here: ... extension/

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Post by Tote412 » Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:50 am

Wilson combat makes great extensions.

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Re: Need help on +3 Shot extension Remington, Nordic, or Lan

Post by Synchronizor » Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:27 am

Of the three you listed, I only have experience with the Remington +3. Vitaly linked to my review of the Remington +2 extension above. Everything I said there also applies to the +3, aside from a handful of measurements, of course. The Remington extensions work well for combat or defensive duty. They were developed for military applications, with steel construction (and they're not too heavy in spite of that), an effective reinforcing bracket, and an internal follower stop to keep the spring from getting over-compressed or tangled. You do have to install them just right to get reliable function, they can be a little finicky if you don't. They're also touchy about the diameter and spacing of the barrel. If your gun is a police model, it should have a standard-diameter barrel, but the spacing can sometimes vary, and you'll want to make sure you have the correct extension bracket.

Nordic has a good reputation for quality extensions, though their product is aimed more at competition applications, being made of lighter aluminum and featuring removable end caps for added configure-ability. The Nordic extensions also don't come with reinforcing brackets; they're available, but you have to buy them separately. I expect they'd do the job for normal HD, unless you anticipate having to use your shotgun to block a baseball bat or something.

Wilson Combat/Scattergun Tech extensions are great. Simple, tough (though a tad heavy), and easy on the wallet. Sadly, they don't make a +3. If you think you could be happy with a +2 though, I'd definitely recommend them.

I haven't heard any opinions on the Lancer extensions. They're a cool concept, even lighter than aluminum extensions, and I'd love to evaluate one at some point, but at the moment I only know what I've read on Lancer's website. They do seem to be aimed more at competition and hunting applications than combat, though again, given a good HD plan, you shouldn't need to worry too much about whether or not your extension will double as a club.

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