TacStar Sidesaddle Feedback

Here is letter which I received from one of the readers of the blog. I want this blog as objective as possible, that is why I’m posting negative reviews too:


I’ve got to tell you — this Tacstar sidesaddle is absolutely one of the WORST accessories one can mount on a shotgun!!

I’ve had one mounted on a Winchester 1200 for years, but the shotgun was mostly a safe queen. Last month, I brought it out and decided to use it for home defense, as it’s in perfect condition and has always had a “smooth as butter” action. So off to the range and some drills to get “reacquainted” with my old friend, yes?

Not quite: on the 5th shot — the TacStar sidesaddle (while a Winchester application in this instance, it’s exactly the same design as for the Remington 870 — just different mounting holes) snapped where the plastic “ring” surrounds the receiver mounting screw. The entire shell holder whipped 180 degrees and hit me in the forehead — HARD!

Fortunately, no damage was done, either to me or the Winchester. But the moral of this story? This item is COMPLETE JUNK and should NEVER be mounted and/or used on a shotgun by anyone who is serious about their weapons. If you must have a sidesaddle — go metal ONLY.

I just thought you should know what happened since you’re recommending this product.


Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Stock & Shotshell Carrier Package
Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Stock & Shotshell Carrier Package

The Tactstar Sidesaddle shell holder mounts directly to the receiver and has the capacity to hold six shells. Having a sidesaddle with six shells within inches of your fingers give anyone a tactical advantage in a combat situation. The Tactstar sidesaddle makes an ideal accessory for combat reloads or “top offs”. In years past firearms’ instructor recommended, you fire your weapon empty before reloading. Today however, they recommend that you combat reload as you fire and having the shells at hand makes it easier than reaching for a shell pouch or belt loop.

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