New Remington 870 Home Defense Project, with Parts List

Remington 870 Home Defense Project from Malpaso from Remington 870 Forum:

Finished my 870 project tonight. Since I pulled info from all over the place, both here and on other sites, I thought I’d compile everything in one place.

I started off with a basic Wingmaster.

I was lucky enough to sell off the stock, forend and barrel, and put those funds toward the replacement parts. I effectively turned it into a Police. Here is what I replaced, with factory part numbers and Brownell’s part numbers for reference:

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Body Armor in Ukraine is out of stock. It happened because Law Enforcement was weak and demoralized after the revolution, this caused higher crime rate because Ukrainians don’t own firearms in big amounts as in some other countries. Well, now they also bought all they could, the price of an AK-47 was $550, now $1000. The price of ammo was 0.4, now about $1 per round. So now everybody wants to buy a firearm and body armor. Prices skyrocketed.

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Shooting practice is needed and to become an advanced sharp shooter you will need hours of practice. However, much if not all of your practice is against single and stationary targets. The targets do not move, sneak up behind you or climb buildings to fire down upon you, in practice sessions anyways. Anyone that has confronted a shooter when there is no advanced warning or it was not a planned attack on your part has to wonder if the shooter is alone. Do you focus on the one you can see or should you look for others. What happens when there are multiple shooters/attackers?

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