This overview of the most common sidesaddles available on the market today. I have tested several the most popular sidesaddles for Remington 870 shotgun:

  • TacStar 4-Round Sidesaddle
  • Mesa Tactical 6-Round Sidesaddle
  • S&J Hardware 6-Round Sidesaddle
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    Found several videos from the IPSC rifle competition which was in 2011. I was 21st out of 33 shooters. This was first time when I participated in rifle competition with my own rifle.

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    Shotgun Training with Chris Costa (Costa Ludus)

    Costa Ludus
    Costa Ludus

    I think most of the shotgun owners have watched or heard about The Art of Dynamic Shotgun by Magpul Dynamics. Chris Costa is a former President of Magpul Dynamics and now he has founded a new training company – Costa Ludus

    He has Shotgun Employment (SE) course which maybe interesting for readers of the blog. You can see schedule and price on the official website of Costa Ludus:

    If you have not watched the Art of Dynamic Shotgun by Magpul Dynamics I highly recommend it:

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    Interview with Chris Costa

    Here is video of Vladislav Zbaransky from shooting club PRACTICA which I recently joined, loading his Benelli Supernova shotgun with 8 shells and making first shot in 5.89 seconds.

    He uses sport belt called Load-Two which enables shooter to take and load two shells at a time. This may not work with Remington 870 because Benelli has some differences.

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