If you have seen different Remington 870 magazine extensions I think you have noticed that Remington original magazine extension is about 1 inch longer than the other ones: Choate, TacStar, Vang etc. I’ve heard so many different theories on why it is longer but the truth is that it allows you attach a bayonet to your shotgun!

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Dimples in Magazine Tube of Remington 870

I have received answer about dimples in magazine tube from the first hands, directly from the Remington:

“The dimples in the magazine tube is to keep the new style retainer in place. If the
dimples are removed, the retainer would not stay in place. We do not recommend these
dimples to be removed. This style was introduced in the late 80’s.”

Thanks to the Remington for this information.

But if you want to install magazine extension you still need to drill them out first.

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There are several important things you should know about the Knoxx Specops stock for Remington 870. If you know your equipment, its weaknesses and strengths you can use it better and avoid mistakes and when we talk about weapons even injuries.

Attention: When we talk about Knoxx stock, be sure to check which one you have. There are two types of the Knoxx stocks, one has built-in recoil suppression system, and the other one don’t. The Knoxx stock which doesn’t have the recoil suppression systems is “Knoxx Adjustable NRS Stock”. The NRS stands for “No Recoil Suppression”.

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This is review about one of the most popular recoil reducing stocks for Remington 870. It is Knoxx Adjustable stock.
They come in black or orange “less-lethal” color. And also Knoxx Stocks are about two time less expensive compared to other recoil-reducing solutions for the Remington 870 shotgun. For example, Mesa Tactical Recoil Reducing kit for Remington 870 costs about $260 compared to $115 for the Knoxx Stock (with free forend included).

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Shotguns are powerful and versatile weapons but they have very limited magazine capacity. That is why this is one of the first things for a shotgun owner to improve when he starts building his tactical / home defense Remington 870 shotgun.

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