Story from the Remington 870 Forum: Black Bear Encounter while Turkey Hunting with Remington 870.

So I was turkey hunting in the foothills of NC first weekend in May. My friend and I were on his hunting lease. I was in a ground blind 10 yards back in the pines off of a pasture on top of a knob. My friend was a quarter mile away in another spot. I had a hen decoy in the field near the corner of a small clover/oats food plot. Back in February, we had put some cracked corn out around the edge of the food plot. Just after 7 AM this young black bear shows up. He’s about 15 yards away from me, nosing around in the food plot, probably looking for more corn he’d been feeding on the past 2 months. BTW, the corn was gone. In the second picture, he sees my decoy and I guess it startled him? He turns to his right and jumps the barb wire and walks straight at me. He walks just to the left side of the blind. Now, I had the side flaps on the blind closed up and I can’t see him. My shotgun is standing up over in the corner because I was taking pictures with my stupid iphone. I’m sitting in a small camp chair. I gripped my pistol, didn’t pull it out of the holster and slowly turned to my left to look out the unzipped tent entrance on the back left corner. The bear was 5 yards away, on all 4’s looking right back at me! We looked at each other for a moment and then he lightly shakes his head and turns and runs off down into a ravine behind me.

black_bear encounter_while_turkey_hunting

I really wasn’t scared until he left. Then, I realized if there had been cubs around things might have gone differently! So I stood, grabbed my shotgun and slowly edged out of the blind to look all around me. The blind was making me feel claustrophobic now! So I calmed down and after a few minutes, I could hear turkeys gobbling around me. So I went back in the blind and sat down. There at my feet was my half eaten cold McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. I stuffed the rest of it in my mouth and laughed. Don’t know if he smelt it or not but I’m betting he did.

I hunted once in a different spot on this same lease last season but didn’t kill a turkey then. I knew there were black bear in this area but I NEVER expected this.

So, didn’t kill a turkey that morning. We broke for lunch around 11:30. We swapped hunting spots and started back about 1:30. I killed this turkey at about 3:30 in the afternoon at 35 yards. Not a real big bird, weighed 16 or 17 pounds with a 5″ beard. Shotgun is a 1995 870 magnum (stamped Special Purpose) with 21″ barrel. I was using a Remington extra full turkey choke.

Turkey Hunting with Remington 870

Turkey Hunting with Remington 870

It was a wonderfully exciting day!