Interesting comment by Synchronizor on Remington 870 Forum:

“Here’re my thoughts for a more budget-friendly take on what you seem to be looking to do (a functional HD build):

Shotgun for Home Defense Training
Shotgun for Home Defense Training

Stock furniture works fine & fits most adults who aren’t wearing armor or a chest rig ($0)
-For help with recoil, an improved recoil pad ($25 – $45)
Wilson Combat +2 mag extension; a bit heavy & unrefined, but tough & reliable ($45)
-A stock bead works well for HD ($0); or you can get a glue-on tritium bead for the dark ($65)
Velcro sidesaddle ($12 – $20 depending on capacity)
-Factory Express finish works fine for HD; just oil it occasionally ($0)
Inexpensive LED white light (~$30 + maybe $15 for a cheap clamp-on rail)

With shipping, call it roughly $100 – $200, and you have a gun that’ll do pretty much the same thing as your above setup in a HD application. Start with that, get some trigger time, maybe take a class, and then you’ll have a much better idea whether or not any of your initial list of premium add-ons are worth the money.”


  1. Jim Robinson

    Hi, first let me say that I enjoy your blog, I’m a newbie to the Remington 870 but have my experience with a number of handguns. I recently bought a Remington 870 20ga w/ 18″ barrel. for basic home defense. My only comment about your blog is that all the suggestions seem to be about 12ga accessories. The only 20ga extension tubes that are available seem to be the ones that receive your blog’s poorest reviews. (I’d rather buy one with a great review from someone I trust.)
    Would you consider mentioning in future reviews/articles whether the product is available for 20ga and where it can be bought?

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