Froglube, Cleaner, Lube, Protectant
Froglube, Cleaner, Lube, Protectant

Froglube looks like a very interesting new product for cleaning a shotgun. I don’t have experience with it yet but readers has posted very positive feedback on Remington 870 Forum:

froglube ie great stuff, we use tones of it!!!

So far this stuff works great. Really breaks down the dirt and grit quickly. I use a heat gun not a hair dryer. I have two 4 oz jars and have cleaned two S&W M&P 9mm, two M&P shields a double barrel shot gun and an 870. I have used about half of one jar. It really seems to lube the gun well. Cleans up easily. I will follow up with this after a few more shootings and cleanings.

Recommended Product:
Froglube - Cleaner, Lube, Protectant
Froglube - Cleaner, Lube, Protectant
You can get Froglube – Cleaner, Lube, Protectant here:

Please leave a comment if you use it.


  1. Bill Doyle

    Thanks for the video on YouTube today on the Mesa Side Saddle. I’ll be installing mine this week.
    Yer pal,
    Bill Doyle

  2. Great lube, navy seals love frog lube it was designed by a navy seal actually. If they love it I knew I would due to the level of abuse their guns go through. I own the liquid bottle mixed with the paste, hands down the best CLP I have ever tried and its all natural. It’s expensive but totally worth every penny.

  3. Dubsak20

    For best results clean your weapon first with CLP,then heat your weapon up real good(like setting it in the sun on a hot day),apply the froglube and watch it melt into the pours of your weapon..Best stuff ever!!!!!!

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