I can’t stop saying how interesting Practical Shooting is. There are a lot of different types of equipment, stages are always new and you need to think about game plans on each Course of Fire.

But also, we all come to matches for a fun shooting. And here is good illustration of me performing one of the stages on a recent match:

The start position was: shooter lying on a bed reading PlayBoy magazine ;) Haha, that was fun:

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  1. Vitaly,

    Great shooting! Approximately how far is the farthest target and what kind of round are you using on those targets? And that’s your new Supernova right?

      1. What choke were you using Vitaly? You were knocking down those poppers pretty well and at 25 yards with birdshot, that isn’t all that easy!

        1. It was IMP CYL choke but I was very accurate and took my time to aim because there were several penalty targets and also I’ve seen that 25 yard target was difficult for many shooters, they’ve spent 2-3 shots on it.

  2. Another quick question Vitaly. With all of the great semi-autos out there, and with the semi-auto dominating most tactical shotgun matches these days, why do you choose to compete using a pump gun (either your 870 or your SN)?

    1. I compete in Standard Manual division where only pump-action shotguns are allowed. Shooters with semi-autos compete in Standard division and shooters with Saiga/Vepr magazine fed shotguns compete in Open division.

      I know that most shooters use semi-autos in 3-gun matches, because semi-autos are faster.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Vitaly and for doing such a fantastic job maintaining Rem870.com. Keep those videos coming. They’re awesome.

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