Need help. Carrier is protruding past the receiver.

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Need help. Carrier is protruding past the receiver.

Post by msu33 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:16 pm

Last night I installed a timney trigger fix. When I reinstalled the trigger group, the carrier is now slightly sticking out past the receiver. The shurshot forearm now contacts the carrier and prevents you from cycling the action. I can cycle the action by lifting the carrier slightly. The carrier then performs as it should and lifts properly. I have compared it to another 870 trigger group, but I cannot see or feel any difference between the two. I have disassembled and reassembled several times. Same end result. I have not put the factory sear back into the trigger group, as I don't see how that would have an affect on the position of the carrier.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Need help. Carrier is protruding past the receiver.

Post by Synchronizor » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:45 am

That's odd. The 870's carrier doesn't interact with the other moving parts in the trigger plate assembly; it's a separate system that's actuated independently by the slide assembly & breech bolt. Changing the sear shouldn't have changed anything about how the carrier operates. Could you have accidentally bent the carrier when you were messing with the other parts in the TPA?

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