870 SPS-T Turkey Super Magnum sights problem

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870 SPS-T Turkey Super Magnum sights problem

Post by raven2278 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:56 pm

I own the gun in the title of my post. The rear sight is made up of two pieces, one sliding on the rifle base that is part of the barrel and one holding the fiber optics that is dovetailed in the first part (adjustable for windage and elevation). Now the gun was manufactured in may 2005 from the AZ on the left side of the barrel. The gun is no longer made by Remington and the sights were originally TRUGLO parts. Now TRUGLO and Remington keep saying back and fort that the other is responsible for the replacement parts. So the Remington website doesn't have the exact rear sight that fits my gun and neither does TRUGLO. On the TRUGLO sight I found two other ones that the fiber optics part 'may' fit on my gun: TG944A and TG962A. If anyone out there has any advice I'd be glad to have it because right now I have a 500$ gun for turkey hunting that I can't take out. Forgot to mention that TRUGLO sent me the part that is supposed to fit on my gun but that really isn't it. You can on the pictures it just doesn't fit on there. Thanks in advance.
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Re: 870 SPS-T Turkey Super Magnum sights problem

Post by Synchronizor » Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:22 am

Raven2278, you should really re-size your images before you attach them to a forum post. Massive images like these eat up space and make posts very difficult to read.

What does the front sight on your barrel look like? I'm not sure I can help you with finding a replacement rear sight, but if you can't track one down, you may be able to simply drop in a different 870 rear rifle sight assembly. That looks like a standard rear sight ramp on your barrel, and with the elevation adjustment it gives you, minor differences in the height of your front sight shouldn't be an issue.
standard Wingmaster rear rifle sight assembly
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Re: 870 SPS-T Turkey Super Magnum sights problem

Post by Kgnorris » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:19 am

Did you find a solution to this? I am
Having the same issue. Remington said to use Truglo TG110W. I ordered it and just like yours it will not fit.

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