New (Old) Pumper

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New (Old) Pumper

Post by FrankinFairfield » Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:04 pm

The newest pumper checking in. I have been a Remington fan for most of my adult life but never owned one until 1980 when I bought a 12 gauge Wingmaster at JC Penney (remember those says?). I bought it for hunting as the base (USAF) where I was stationed at a nicely run pheasant club aand their were several civilian clubs in the area. About 20 years ago. I bought a real nice 1100 Skeet model at a gunshow (when we could) which, along with the 870, became modified with Poly-Chokes. A few years ago I had some financial problems and was forced to sell the 870 (I should have sold the 1100). With recent political decisions made in my state, I feel I need to have something I know will work everytime I ask it to. So, today I purchased an 870 Riot Gun. I have to wait 30 days to begin the background check as the shotgun was recently acquired by the store. I did handle it alot and I am very impressed with what I felt. It does not rattle and the action is very tight. It has a parkerized finish, 20” barrel and synthetic stock/forearm with sling swivels. In short, it is just about perfect for its intended purpose. I will add a side saddle to hold four more shells. Me, I am a 73 years old, retired from the Air Force and the FAA, where I was an air traffic controller. Big game hunting is in the form of Blacktail deer in California and Antelope in Wyoming. Upland game includes pheasant, squirrels and rabbits. I haven’t done any duck hunting but I try to make the opener for doves. I shoot Air Rifle Field Target three times each month and try and shoot in the bi-weekly 10 meter air pistol matches. I have all of the diseases of age including Type II Diabetes as a result of 12 months in South Viet Nam. I refuse to grow up and look forward to conversing with the membership here.

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Re: New (Old) Pumper

Post by Scorpion8 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:49 pm

73 years young! Welcome aboard Frank, and hello from South East Alaska!
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