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New Old Guy

Post by Chilly » Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:01 am

Love the old 870. Thought Dad's 1960-something with smooth stock and corncob forearm possessed some magic that assured hits. He was, and still is, quite badass with his shotgun.

Mom amd Dad got us three boys new Wingmasters around 1983, which was quite an expense on his income. Every few weeks we'd go to the shop and he'd pay a bit more on the layaway guns and the owner would let us kids hold our shotguns for a little while.

That shotgun now has police walnut, 18" smooth barrel, and a +2 extension. Added a first year Wingmaster a few years ago, then a gorgeous large frame 20-ga last year. Last week won an auction for what I suppose is a 70's Wingmaster with 30" VR full choke with police walnut. Cant wait to fix that one up.

Have a couple of ugly buttstocks that I plan to cut short for my kids, and also cut/thread a couple barrels to 22" or so. I loaded up a 50-cal can of 7/8 oz light loads for them already.

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Re: New Old Guy

Post by Scorpion8 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:09 pm

Welcome and howdy! Sounds like quite the collection, glad to have you aboard. My first 870 was a nice 80's vintage 12-GA Wingmaster with a Cutts Compensator on the barrel, but that one is gone now replaced by a 12-GA and a 20-GA Express Synthetic which is more appropriate for this area's climate and terrain. Jump right in. BTW, we love pics if you have some nice wood to show off.
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Re: New Old Guy

Post by Synchronizor » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:19 am

Scorpion8 wrote:
Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:09 pm
BTW, we love pics if you have some nice wood to show off.

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