Modifying a 1969 870 Wingmaster.

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Modifying a 1969 870 Wingmaster.

Post by ScottD » Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:21 pm

Purchased a 1969 12 gauge Wingmaster at a charity auction. Never been fired and in mint condition. What should I do to make it a good tactical weapon? Thanks for any suggestions. My knowledge of shotguns is limited but learning as we go.

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Re: Modifying a 1969 870 Wingmaster.

Post by Scorpion8 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:47 pm

Welcome aboard! Don't make that Wingmaster into some "tacti-cool" junk. It's value is as a field water-fowl or upland gun. There are lots of cheap synthetic late-model 870s that would better suit your purpose (IMHO).
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Re: Modifying a 1969 870 Wingmaster.

Post by efriedrich » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:27 pm

There is a huge after market for the 870 so your options are abundant. There is a tread on this site with lots of pictures from mild to wild modifications that people have performed on 870's, maybe look through that and see what catches your eye. Normally people add a shorter barrel which are better suited to defense versus the longer hunting barrels that Wingmasters have. One of the great things about 870's is how easy they are to work on so you can do practically anything you want to and then undo it with out hurting a thing.

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Re: Modifying a 1969 870 Wingmaster.

Post by Synchronizor » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:59 am

Best thing you can do is practice. But as for parts, probably a short barrel, which is a drop-on item that won't require you to modify anything about the gun. A decent recoil pad is real nice too. You can look into more combat-centric accessories like a mag extension or a light down the road, but just a riot barrel and a good recoil pad turns a hunting 870 into a pretty effective combat shotgun.

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