New home defense owner

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New home defense owner

Post by vyadha » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:35 pm

I live in CA and have bowhunted for years. I own very few firearms. I recently purchased a Home Defense 870 from a family member.
The previous owner had shot it less than 20 times but upgraded it with a Knoxx blackhawk pistol grip stock, an aftermarket forend (unsure of the brand) and a mesa 6 shot sidesaddle.
The gun is still at the FFL for the 10 day hold we have here in CA.

I purchased this one for a few reasons....
We had an intruder on the property a few weeks ago.I live with my girlfriend so that can never happen again.
We raise goats and the pen is rather close to the house. We have lots of coyotes that like to check them out and my single shot breech action Winchester is a bit cumbersome. I know this 870 isnt the best for varmint but the pen is 15 yards from the back porch and though Im in a rural area neighbors. I dont think a centerfire would be safe in this area.

I ordered a cdm mod c light mount and an armytek light.

Im looking forward to learning more here. Especially about where to go to take a tactical/defensive shotgun course.
Thanks all

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Re: New home defense owner

Post by Synchronizor » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:09 am

Welcome to the forum.

Is the Knoxx the recoil-reducing stock, the fixed stock, or the pistol grip with no stock? As for the fore-end, if you post a picture, we can probably help you identify it.

An 870 is pretty effective on varmints. Slugs, buckshot, or letter birdshot (lead or other heavyweight shot materials) would all work well on coyote-sized stuff at close ranges; it would depend on how precise you can be and how you choke the gun (if it has chokes).

As for intruders, it's always good to have a way to defend yourself, but keep in mind that it's not the only thing you need. Planning is very important; just running around your property with a gun when you hear a noise can lead to all kinds of problems.

In all but extreme cases (like someone trying to burn you out), the best thing you can do is to gather and hold at a pre-planned, defensive position with the cops on the phone, and only start shooting when - or rather, if - they actually try to come for you. Otherwise, let them fumble with your TV or stumble around drunk until the cops show up. It's the safest, most tactically-sound way to defend against home invaders. You can choose a position that enforces a slow approach or bottleneck that lets you know exactly where they will be coming from, you'll know where your fire will be going, and you can plan a back-up escape route if things get really hairy. A bedroom or bathroom with one lockable entrance and a window usually fits the bill pretty well. If it's just you and your girlfriend in your place, this should be pretty straightforward to plan, coordinate, & execute.

There are some pretty reasonably-priced home security camera systems available these days; one of these with a monitor in your safe room would also be useful for letting you know what's up without having to go looking and give up your high ground. Other things like quality locks & exterior motion lights can help prevent such a scenario from even occurring.

I couldn't make any recommendations for California, but what level of training are you thinking of? In any case, before you pay for a class, I would suggest getting in some good range time with your gun. Most courses are going to want you to have a decent knowledge of how to work your weapon, and just in case it has issues, you'll know about before paying for a class.

Well, hopefully some of that was helpful. It's late, and that usually makes me a lot chattier for some reason.

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Re: New home defense owner

Post by vyadha » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:47 pm

Thanks for the reply.
Its a recoil reducer. Im not looking to chase anyone around the property, just something to keep in the bedroom so I can step on the back porch and shoot a coyote that is on the goats and have something if someone comes up to the house again. We have lots of game cams around the property.

I dont ever want to engage with an intruder but 8 minutes is a long time to wait for the police to show up.

As for a course, Ive never considered firing indoors as Ive only hunted. So it seems prudent to me to learn as much about non-hunting, i.e. defensive/tactical, firearm use. Im ordering Suarez's book so I can practice new techniques at the range.

Thanks a lot Synchronizer

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