Super Mag Duel Purpose HD Build

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Super Mag Duel Purpose HD Build

Post by Mrbillyd » Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:38 pm

Hello New to the forum
I have 870 Express Super Mag, used for Clays and Birds.
When shooting Clays if I put 40 rounds through it, the extraction of the spent shell would hang occasionally.
I see everyone changes Execrator.
I plan on buying:
Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge : I hope that will fix the hang up.
Wilson oversized safety.
I have coming in the mail the Urbino stock.

I got 2 items from Bass Pro last night. Mag extension, and ATI Strikeforce Forend. (Holding on to the receipt.)
I took some measurements and it seems my Mag extension would be even with an 18.5 barrel??
Attached is a trail fit of the ATI forend. I can cycle it without interference.
At the end of the stroke, there is a bit of coverage of the ejection port. I assume the shell will be already out by then???
If not I guess I could remove the last 2 slots. Only down side, the Strike Force does no have a bottom rail ( Not sure I would use anyway)

My final hang up will be the 18.5 barrel. Impossible to find one it the current climate.
I have been looking at the Carlson's Remington 870 12GA Shotgun Barrel, 18 1/2in. w/Breecher, 87006

So, any recommendations on pros and con with HD barrels and where to pic up.
I assume the barrel selection could limit the compatibility and selection of Sights?

Once I get that sorted, I am thinking of the Mesa Sureshell carrier

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Re: Super Mag Duel Purpose HD Build

Post by ChillyB » Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:23 pm

If you find a good deal on a longer barrel then cutting it back is always an option. Then add your choice of bead. I've cut one myself, came out straight. I haven't added a bead, and would be mighty bothered if not centered so I'll have a pro do that. I happen to like the XS Big Dot tritium bead for HD barrel.

A +2 extension is right for an 18-18.5" barrel.

Some say MIM factory express extractors should be replaced. No experience, I dont have any Express guns so never tried MIM extractor. Cheap insurance. Remington used to sell the better extractors, likely tough to find now.

Those long shells pop out later than guns made for shorter shells because ejector spring bump is further rearward. You'll have to try ejecting fired hulls to know if it will interfere.

I have polished out all of my chambers to eliminate sticky extraction. Rarely happened and easy to do so why not, right?

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