Rails and optics. NEED ADVICE!!!

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Rails and optics. NEED ADVICE!!!

Post by Commo_guy25U » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:35 am

Just like the title says, just got a new 870 tactical And well, I don't do well with having plain firearms. So im completely torn when it comes to accessories. As soon as I think I have something picked out I run into something new I want. Im going to go with the magpul stock for sure, as far as rail setup that's where I need your guys help. Pictures, short reviews is what im looking for. I plan on putting a magpul AFG and a surefire light on it. so a quad rail of sorts is what im wanting. I've done the AR thing before and have upgraded many. But shotguns are new to me as far as practically and usefulness of the accessories out there. Take it easy on me, yes im a shotgun noob I get it lol.

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Re: Rails and optics. NEED ADVICE!!!

Post by Synchronizor » Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:33 pm

Are you looking for a railed fore-end, or a clamp-on rail setup that attaches to the barrel & magazine tube ahead of the fore-end?

If you like Magpul, how about their MOE or MOE M-LOK fore-ends? Those fore-ends let you attach a wide variety of rail sections to the bottom and sides for mounting all kinds of accessories.

From what you're describing, I don't really see why you need a quad-rail unless you're just building a recreational range toy. Seems like you'd be fine with a bottom rail on the fore-end for the AFG, and a small piece of rail on the side of the fore-end or clamped to the magazine tube for the light. Shotgun quad-rails add a lot of weight and complexity, and that amount of rail space is rarely - if ever - actually needed.

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