Outfitting My "New" 870 Police Magnum

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Outfitting My "New" 870 Police Magnum

Post by Red Rover » Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:55 pm

Hello, new member here. I am looking to expand my shotgun horizons and came across your forum. It is great to see shotgunners exchanging good information without the drama of some other forums. Thanks to all.

Pictured are my HD 870P and my "new" 870P police trade-in. The HD wears a Remington +2 extension which is flush with the end of the 18.5" barrel. The trade-in has the older 18" IC barrel, so my question is what +2 extensions are available that will be closer to flush with the end of the 18" barrel, or in other words, extensions that may be slightly shorter than the factory unit. EDIT: looks like the Wilson Combat is flush with an 18" barrel.

I got the trade-in for a great price so I want to keep the cost down where possible. I am modding parts where I can, as long as function is good. It came with a Choate 13" LOP stock. I never thought highly of Choate but this stock is serviceable and I actually like it. I was wrong to judge without experience. It was easy to shorten to 12.5" and I may take it down a little shorter. I will grind a flat on the forend at 9:00 to mount a short rail for my WML (like on the MOE). I had good luck mounting a light on a polymer AK handguard this way. The side saddle will be a HSGI shotshell tray mounted with Velcro. I wanted a side saddle that is easily topped off with shells from a belt carrier so the plastic shell holders look promising and easier to load a shell quicker than elastic loops. Only use will tell. Sling will be a VCAS QD using Magpul Forward Sling Mount and a Noveske QD mount on the stock. The Noveske is non-rotational and easy to install on a hollow stock by drilling a 1/2" hole.


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Re: Outfitting My "New" 870 Police Magnum

Post by Vitaly » Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:50 pm

Good choice of the flashlight!
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