Magpul forward sling mount

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Magpul forward sling mount

Post by Jamie » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:23 pm

I have a Magpul forward sling mount, also a Wilson Combat +2 extension tube. I've noticed that when tightening the sling mount, it forces itself between the barrel and the tube extension which tends to spread the two apart. I'd ASSume this would throw my sighting off. I just installed a set of Wilson Combat Track Lock ghost ring sights, I've had to move the rear sight all the way back/down to barely get the slugs where I want them to go. If I "lolly pop" a target, I'm just barely there, if I cover the target with the fiber optic 'dot', I'm high. I know general consensus would have the target on top, (pumpkin on a stick), which I agree with using plain sights, with a 'dot' or tritium circle dot, I tend to cover the target with it. I can't do this with the ghost rings and I believe the Magpul sling mount is pushing the barrel up making this problem worse. I suppose I can remove the mount, shoot and see, grind the mount where it's too 'fat', use a different one. Any suggestions?

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Re: Magpul forward sling mount

Post by Synchronizor » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:08 pm

Remove the mount and go shooting. Make sure that's actually the problem first.

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