Super Mag Stock

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Super Mag Stock

Post by witurk » Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:16 pm

I looking for a camo pistol grip stock for a 870 Express Super Mag. I have found a few I like through Blackhawk and Adaptive Tactical. On the websites they say "works on 870 models" but I have read that they do not work with super mags.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with stock fitting or is it actually recoil related?

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Re: Super Mag Stock

Post by Synchronizor » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:07 pm

Regarding fitting, any large-frame 870 stock can be installed on a SuperMag. The back ends of the receivers are all the same.

As for whether or not a random aftermarket stock will stand up to a steady diet of 12ga super magnum recoil, that's kind of on their respective designs & manufacturing. A lot of tacti-cool pistol grip stocks for the 870 are based on AR-15 stocks; and some even use actual AR buffer tubes & stocks. Personally, I would be hesitant about trusting any old AR-15 stock & buffer tube to handle 10 - 20 times the recoil energy of an AR-15 over the long run. Stocks with complicated recoil-absorbing systems may also be engineered around standard 2.75" ammo (and some of those have proven less than reliable even with those lighter shells), so I doubt 3.5" shells with two or three times as much recoil would be good for them.

Of course, this assumes you'll be shooting a ton of heavy 3.5" loads out of your SuperMag. If, like a lot of folks, you just bought a SuperMag to "keep your options open", and the majority of what you'll be shooting is normal 2.75" ammo, you probably don't need to be too worried. But if durability is a concern, you might want to look at solid pistol-grip stocks like the SpeedFeeds, or the Remington ShurShot (technically a thumbhole stock, but it's functionally the same as a pistol-grip). These don't have the potential weak spots you get with more complicated adjustable or spring-loaded stocks; no moving parts, no pins or screws to shake out or shear, no springs to be overloaded, etc. They can also accept good recoil pads to help soak up the kick from those big magnums, unlike most AR-15 stocks.


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