870 Youth LOP

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870 Youth LOP

Post by kisor25 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:55 am

Hello Everyone!
I have a 870 youth 20 gauge and I need to cut down the stock. Current length of pull with recoil pad is about 13". My sons LOP is 10" How far down can I cut down on the wood stock?

Does anyone make aftermarket stocks with shorter LOP?


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Re: 870 Youth LOP

Post by Synchronizor » Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:09 pm

Factory & aftermarket stocks are typically available in 14", 13", and 12" lengths of pull.

If you want to know how far you can cut a wood stock down, take off the recoil pad or buttplate, and measure the distance from the bolt of the stock to the head of the stock bolt inside. That's how far you can go without getting into deepening the stock bolt recess & coming up with custom or replacement fasteners. If you're cutting the stock extremely short, you'll also probably need to have a custom recoil pad fitted, but that isn't that big of a deal.
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Re: 870 Youth LOP

Post by lostman » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:12 pm

Madison, N.C. – Young shooters are more likely to become stewards of the shooting sports if they are initiated with a gun that fits properly. Remington is proud to introduce three versions of the Model 870 Express Compact pump action shotgun in 20 gauge and a shorter Model 870 Express Compact Jr. in 20 gauge. All four feature durable synthetic fore-ends and stocks with a shorter length of pull than our standard Model 870; our new Adjustable Length of Pull (LOP) System which easily adjusts LOP incrementally up to one inch; the world’s most effective recoil pad, SuperCellTM, which soaks up reward force to create the most comfortable shooting experience possible; and shorter barrel lengths for proper balance.

The Express Compact is available in the following versions – Black Synthetic, Realtree Hardwoods HD® and Remington’s exclusive, Mossy Oak® Blaze Pink Camo. The Express Compact Jr. is available in a Black Synthetic version.

Remington’s new Adjustable Length of Pull system is comprised of two 1/4-inch and one 1/2-inch length spacers and corresponding screws; allowing both youth and small-stature shooters the ability to personalize each gun to their individual shooting preference and dimensions. Young shooters now have the capability to “custom fit” their shotgun as they grow.

America’s most popular pump action, the long-lasting Model 870, features twin-action bars and ultra-reliable feeding, extraction and ejection. All metal surfaces feature a non-glare, matte finish. The hammer-forged, carbon steel Rem™ Choke barrel features a vented rib with single bead sight and a Modified choke tube (Full choke tube with Compact Jr.) is included. All models have rugged synthetic stocks and fore-ends with sling swivel studs.

Offerings for 2009 are as follows:
Remington® Model 870 Express Compact
Model 870 Express
Compact 870 Express
Compact Camo 870 Express
Compact Camo 870 Express
Compact Jr.
Gauge 20 (2 3/4 and
3-inch) 20 (2 3/4 and
3-inch) 20 (2 3/4 and
3-inch) 20 (2 3/4 and
Mag. Capacity 4 4 4 4
BBL Length 21 inches 21 inches 21 inches 18 3/4 inches
Barrel Type Vent Rib/Rem Choke Vent Rib/Rem Choke Vent Rib/Rem Choke Vent Rib/Rem Choke
Sights Single Bead Single Bead Single Bead Single Bead
Metal Finish Matte Matte Matte Matte
Overall Length 40 1/2 inches 40 1/2 inches 40 1/2 inches 37 1/4 inches
Length of Pull 13 inches (Adj) 13 inches (Adj) 13 inches (Adj) 12 inches (Adj)
Drop (Comb) 1 1/2 inches 1 1/2 inches 1 1/2 inches 1 1/2 inches
Drop (Heel) 2 1/4 inches 2 1/4 inches 2 1/4 inches 2 inches
Stock Material Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic
Stock Finish Black Realtree Hardwoods Mossy Oak Pink Camo Matte Black
Avg. Weight 6 lbs 6 lbs 6 lbs 5 3/4 lbs

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