There are not too many situations where you will be shooting on the move. Chances are if you are at the shooting range or you go hunting in the woods, you will be in a static standing position when you go to shoot your weapon at the desired target. The only people who will be shooting on the move are police officers, or crooks. But hey, this is not advice for crooks. Police officers or those thinking about becoming police officers need to follow certain advice in order to shoot properly while on the move.

Shooting on the move generally means shooting while in a moving vehicle. If you are the one driving the vehicle then you definitely shouldn’t be the one doing the shooting. Your concentration must be on the road at all times, especially since the situation is likely requiring you to drive fast and maneuver around other cars. Hopefully you have somebody else in the car with you that can do the shooting, such as your partner. Now if you happen to be the passenger in the car and you have to do the shooting, then here are a couple of tips. Always secure your lower body whenever possible. A moving vehicle can be extremely bumpy and it will move you around quite a bit. Since you will likely be going fast in any situation where you have to shoot on the move, expect to get tossed around a lot in the car. Therefore don’t stick your upper torso out the window and shoot somebody like you see in the movies. Try to stay in a seated position with your seatbelt on at all times. Next you will only want to shoot from the side of your window. Don’t try to shoot in front or behind the car because your aim will be off and you could increase the chances of injuring a pedestrian.

For anyone who wants to shoot while they are walking or jogging, your aim is definitely going to be off because you won’t be evenly aligned with your target. The best advice is to train at shooting on the move in your spare time. This isn’t something you are going to master if you do it in the spare of the moment. You have to train on being alert of what is around you and what is on the ground. The last thing you want to do is shoot as you run and then end up tripping over a branch as you keep shooting. This could result in you shooting yourself if you involuntarily shoot as you are falling to the ground. So try to scope out what is around you before you make the decision to shooting while moving. Then just follow basic shooting advice like keeping good shooting stance and pointing gun far away from your body. Also, don’t go start shooting fast like a mad person. Try to do single shots that are calculated. That way you won’t get carried away and make a mistake.