Shoten Armory

Shoten Armory

Location: Raidon Tactics, Inc.
37 PSR Gun Club
Bunnlevel, NC 28323

Contact: Frank McRae Onsite: (910) 556-9755
Mobile: (910) 774-9370
James Peterson (443) 449-6558

Shoten Armory 535 'Reaper'

Shoten Armory 535 ‘Reaper’

On 24 October 2014, you get the chance to see the custom built Shoten Armory 535 ‘Reaper’ square off against the 500 ‘Beast from the East’ alongside a customized Remington 870. You can participate and you might even take one home!
It all starts at 1PM! You don’t want to miss this!

Raidon Tactics~Shoten Armory
Tactical Shotgun Showcase!

Beginning at 1PM and running all day until 9PM October 25, 2014. We open with the Shoten Armory Tactical Support Course. Eight shooters run this course twice choosing from our own custom setup shotguns. We will be opening this up to audience members who will also get the chance to have their techniques and training reviewed and streamlined! This same course will be repeated during the Tactical Night Shooting Program featuring the 3T Tactical Shotgun Tactical Ultra Illumination Device (S.T.U.D.) This is followed by the:

Shoten Armory ~ Raidon Tactics
3 Gun Tactical Course

For just a $25 entry fee, you run three phases with three different shotguns! 3T Tactical 00 Buckshot Alley! Remington Tactical Slug CQB and finish it with the Mossberg Speed Plates! Our Weapons! Our Ammo! Your ability! Can you really make it through a real Shoothouse?

1st Place – Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader
2nd Place – Redfield Counterstrike Tactical Rail Mounted Scope

Much more! Factory Reps – Learn their secrets and grab top quality products while you’re at it!