Body Armor in Ukraine is out of stock. It happened because Law Enforcement was weak and demoralized after the revolution, this caused higher crime rate because Ukrainians don’t own firearms in big amounts as in some other countries. Well, now they also bought all they could, the price of an AK-47 was $550, now $1000. The price of ammo was 0.4, now about $1 per round. So now everybody wants to buy a firearm and body armor. Prices skyrocketed.

I now think about buying some simple and inexpensive body armor. I like plate carriers because they are simple and lightweight. They can be upgraded by SAPI plates to protect even from AK-47 rounds!

US Palm Defender body armor is inexpensive (just front armor panel because during home invasion it is unlikely to be attacked from the back) and can be put on very fast, just in seconds.

Body Armor for Home Defense

Body Armor for Home Defense

What do you think about use of body armor?

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