Received lots of letters of support from you, guys! Thank you. I am safe. Gunfight in the centre of the capital of Ukraine is over. More than 100 dead during the two last days. For those who doesn’t know – I live in Ukraine.

Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

I hope that situation will get better.

Advices for the uncertain times

It looks that now everything is getting back to normal. Some advices and some experience from this situation. Kiev is city with 4-5 millions of people. There were no problems with food, gas, water or medications, but this situation taught me that everything changes very fast:

1. Have cash. People panic and ATMs are getting out of money very fast.
2. Have food and water at home. People will panic and will buy everything they can.
3. Have enough gas in your car. When panic hits you will waste a lot of time in queue to a gas station.
4. Own a gun. Have enough ammo. Police is paralyzed. There are a lot of criminals around. Guns shops are closed.
5. Communicate with your neighbors, have alternative ways of communications.

Thanks again for your support.

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