10 Best Gun Blogs I Read Daily

1. TheFirearmBlog.com
The best blog which has the latest firearms industry news, interesting reviews and updated daily.

2. SayUncle
Blog about everything related to guns, interesting to read.

3. GunsHolstersAndGear
Interesting blog about guns, very nice design, good articles.

4. NRA Blog
The must read blog for all gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters.

5. Advanced Armament Corp.

Many interesting articles about guns.

6. Gun Nuts Media

A lot of interesting articles, friendly design.

7. Vuurwapenblog

Regularly updated blog about guns.

8. DefenseReview

Interesting reviews and articles.

9. MurdocOnline

Interesting site with military photos and news.

10. Weapon-Blog

Useful information, news, articles.

What gun blogs do you read?