I am in the process of building a tactical Remington 870 12 GA. shotgun. It’s brand new and has never been fired. It’s being built according to “10 Tips to Building a Tactical Remington 870 Shot Gun” by Vitaly Pedchenko. I’m starting with the Model 870 Express Synthetic with an 18″ barrel.

Remington 870 Review

Remington 870 Review

The parts and accessories arrived recently. So far, I’ve installed the Mesa Tactical sidesaddle. It is a robust design that installed perfectly as per the directions. The aluminum backing plate makes for a solid mounting to the shot gun. The shell holder has a clever design that makes it easy to insert and remove the shells. It comes with two shell holder inserts made of different durometers for compatability with different shell materials so the friction is just right for keeping the shells in place when shooting.

The other accessories and upgrades that I have purchased and will install are; a Wilderness “Giles” Tri-Glide Tactical Sling, a CDM Gear BMT Clamp, a Streamlight TLR-2s strobing flashlight w/laser sight and a Remote Door / Switch and Remote Switch – Coil for the TLR-2s. Also, a Vang Comp stainless steel follower, a Non-MIM Extractor and Supercell recoil pad all from Brownell’s. The last item is a Wilson Combat Jumbo Head Safety.

I like the traditional lines of the 870 shotgun. I have no plans of changing to a pistol grip for either the stock or forend.

I will be using Vitaly’s “Remington 870 Shotgun Guide” when installing the parts and accessories.