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Become Better Shotgunner

Become Better Shotgunner

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Book with essential information about shotguns. Shooting drills, information about different types of shotguns and how to use them effectively.


Introduction: The Combat Mindset
Chapter 1. Shotgun Myths
Chapter 2. 12 Gauge versus 20 Gauge Shotguns
Chapter 3. Pump Action Shotguns
Chapter 4. How to Avoid a Short Stroke on Your Pump Action Shotgun
Chapter 5. One Handed Pump Action Manipulation of Your Shotgun
Chapter 6. Semi-Automatic Shotguns with Magazine Tubes
Chapter 7. Semi-Automatic Shotguns with Detachable Magazines
Chapter 8. Single and Double Barreled Shotguns
Chapter 9. Shotgun Maintenance
Chapter 10. Shotgun Shell Lengths
Chapter 11. Spare Parts Every Shotgun Owner Should Have On Hand
Chapter 12. Less Lethal Rounds for Your Shotgun
Chapter 13. Shotgun Stopping Power
Chapter 14. Ready-to-Shoot Positions
Chapter 15. Using Cover Properly
Chapter 16. Transitioning from Shotguns to Handguns during a Firefight
Chapter 17. Transitioning From One Target to Another While Firing
Chapter 18. Common Mistakes Made While Shooting
Chapter 19. Shotgun Slug Change Over Drills
Chapter 20. Shotgun Shooting Positions
Chapter 21. Proper Trigger Pull
Chapter 22. Shotgun Shooting Stance
Chapter 23. Zeroing Your Weapon: Shotgun, Rifle or Handgun
Chapter 24. Should You Use A Sling With Your Home Defense Weapon?
Chapter 25. The Importance of a Flashlight on Your Firearm
Chapter 26. Shotgun Ammunition: What to Use and When to Use it
Buckshot Size Table
Birdshot: Lead, Steel, Bismuth and Tungsten
Exotic Ammunition
Chapter 27. Shotgun Shooting Drills
Chapter 28. Shotguns for Survival, Hunting and Home Defense
Chapter 29. How to Clean Your Shotgun
Chapter 30. Shotgun Chokes Explained
Table of Shotgun Chokes for a 12 Gauge Shotgun Using Lead Shot
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